Doing the clown, dissolving in a laughter

The pedagogy of clown leads to the creation of a new human being, free from his shell and dressed in blue.

"One day a man was born. Son of a stone, he inherited its aridity hidden in the mind.
Son of a tree, he kept his roots and the fear of moving.
Son of a deer, he was always on the alert but also majestic when he stood erect looking at the immensity of life.
Son of the moon, he was fickle but had a light in his eyes and dreamt of better worlds.

This being, born from everybody…felt like nobody and started crying under a palm tree. His tears designed a river where all animals went drinking and where the moon looked at itself in a mirror.

Thus he put a feather on his head, some red earth on his cheeks and said: since I'm nobody I'll be a clown! And this was the first step towards consciousness. "


Theatre Clown: the art of abandoning every character

- Stage presence or the presence of the actor without masks simply "be", …is the return to peacefulness.
- The presence and the relationship with the audience…bringing together sky and earth, namely when the actor gets carried away by the audience's glance, like a wave and gets lost in it. The world is brought together, the journey begins.
- Childhood and clown: it is not about returning to childhood, but about emphasizing our own lightness and simplicity. (Sometimes feeling good makes you feel foolish).
- Clownish entrance- using the red nose - when the clown loses sight of himself and finds himself renewed. He plays, dances and creates jokes recreating himself.

This workshop can be followed by a public lesson. This is a show performed by the students with Emmanuel's support.