Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallée

Emmanuel, is a clown with over 25 years theatre experience as an actor, teacher and producer.
Emmanuel graduated as an actor in 1978 in the " Ecole Internationale de theatre Jacques Lecoq" in Paris, and obtained the diploma as theatre teacher in 1982 in the same school.
After having taught in Jaques Lecoq's School, he taught clown in Dimitri's School of Verscio in Switzerland.
In 1984 he created the Circo a Vapore Company and from 1984 to 2002 he has been Artistic Director of the International Theatre School, Circo a Vapore, of Rome, where he also has taught the study of theatrical styles (including, tragedy, pantomime, clown, melodrama, medieval and modern bouffon, Shakespearian Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd etc.), Acting, Dramatization and Direction. In August 2008 he launched "Il circo d'Abruzzo", a theatre School which is doing continuous research on the linkage between theatre and the new communication techniques and styles, putting emphasis on street performances and on the great magic of the clown. (for more information: www.emmanuelgallot.it)
Emmanuel is teaching in the school " Scuola Internazionale del Comico - International School of Comic Theatre" in Florence and has directed the company " I Caballeros" where he was also performing as an actor. He is currently presenting two shows alone: " The gestual theatre" (a show with pantomime, commedia dell'arte and masks around the gestual theatre and "La via del clown" - emphasizing the link between the clown and the search of spirituality. This show includes the presentations of Tibetan and Zen tales. He has held training courses for professional actors in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.) and Lima (Peru).
He has written a book on the pedagogy of the clown, "Clown celeste" published in France (Editions les deux Océans) which will be available in Italian on this website, shortly.