My name is Emmanuel and I have been a theatre teacher for, I believe, the past two and a half centuries.
Time runs fast, as my watch ticks on, but I don't notice and that's why I teach the art of astonishment: mainly clown.
I travelled from the Lecoq School in Paris, to Dimitri in Switzerland, to "il Circo a Vapore" in Rome, which I directed for twenty years. Teaching is the art of always remaining a beginner, says my cat. I have a philosophical cat and a broken watch. Teaching means cleansing one's neurons at the nearest water source. Indeed, it is not easy to find a nice source, nor is it easy to seek self-renewal. While teaching clown, I learnt many important things and then placed them in a suitcase that I left at the train station: I like travelling with my hands free...
I asked my cat why people are full of fear. It might be because of the weight of one's thoughts, he answered.
So, in order to stay "clear-minded" I jog some, I am a housewife, I paint, I play guitar (even better than John Lennon), I recite Tibetan tales. The rest of the time I take my sons to school, write incomprehensible books and live with Lulu.
Life is one big circus.